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Inviato da: luca-Boss il Sabato, 24-Mar-2007, 20:27
un solo obiettivo....VINCERE!E VINCEREMO!!!!!!!!

Inviato da: FBR1966 il Sabato, 24-Mar-2007, 20:28
Ŕ beh ma per˛ quando
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Inviato da: meant23 il Domenica, 25-Mar-2007, 11:29
QUOTE (FBR1966 @ Sabato, 24-Mar-2007, 19:07)
Ŕ beh ma per˛ quando
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Inviato da: Fede 1966 il Domenica, 25-Mar-2007, 11:46
beh.............l'importante Ŕ portare avanti la mentalitÓ ulltras blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif

Inviato da: Fede 1966 il Domenica, 25-Mar-2007, 11:50
con la pioggia o con il sole oggi tutti allo stadio xke anche con la prima in classifica nn Ŕ mai detta l'ultima parola(SPEREM tongue.gif )

Inviato da: FBR1966 il Domenica, 25-Mar-2007, 13:36

Inviato da: omer il Domenica, 01-Apr-2007, 14:42
un giorno verremo ricordati ( solo chi cŔ sempre ) come persone che hanno sempre sostenuto il montodine

Inviato da: ailj168 il Martedý, 01-Giu-2010, 08:00
l. Benefits of Smoking

Sir, The. essential fact about smoking, which most commentators of recent years seem to have ignored is that cigarettes give a vast number of people a good deal of pleasure a lot of the time. That is way the world smoked almost 5, 000, 000, 000, 000 of them last year; approximately 1, 200 for every man., woman. and child on earth.,
None of which proves that smoking may not cause cancer or other illnesses. luna gold But, as the late Compton Maekenzie wrote, "If cigarettes vanished from. ihe earth today, I believe the world would go to war again within a comparatively short time."

2.Is Smoking a Bad Habit?

1, a casual smokery always wonder if smoking is really a bad habit. If it is, why does our country produce such a large riumber of cigarettes every year? (As you know, is the largsst cigarette producing country in the world. ) If it is,. why do so many girls adrnire handsome boys with a cigarette on their lip?,
In my opinion, wow cd keys smoking is only an amusement, like playing cards, reading, etc. Many years ago, when an adult handed me a cigarette and lit it for me, I felt grown up. When I am with friends and have nothing to say, we smoke, consequently we no longer feel embarrassed.

3. Smokers of the World, Unite

It can scarcely have escaped the notice of thinking men, I think, being a thinking man myself, that the forces of darkness opposed to those of us who like a quiet smoke are gathering momentum daily and starting to throw their weight about more somewhat. Every morning I read in the papers a long article by another of those doctors who are the spearhead of the movement.,
It is pitiful to think that that is how these men spend iheir lives, World of Warcraft power leveling putting drops of nicotine on the tongues of cats day after day. Slavas to a habit, is the way I look at it.

4. Common Sense about Smoking

It is often said, "I know all about the risk to my health, but I think that the risk is worth it." When this statement is true it should be accepted. Everyone has the right to choose what risks they take, however great they may be.,
and pulls the trigger. wow gold One of the difficulties in impressing these facts on pgople is that, despite the current epidemic of lung cancer, because it is a disease which kills relatively quickly, there are many who have as yet no gxperience of it among their family or friends.

5. On Smoking -Its History and Harm

Tobacco smoking is believed to have started in Central and South America. Nearly 500 years ago explorers who went there with Columbus brought back to Europe the habit of pipe smoking, which they had Learned from the New World Indians. It was introduced into China from Luson during the Ming dynasty.

6. Call to Stop Offering Cigarettes!

To the Chinese, who claim to have invented rules of etiquette, offering igarettes is a way of being hospitable to guests.
When somebody calls, first of all, the host would offer him a cigarette and a cup of tea. In the countryside, hospitable, old men often allow visiting guests to share the long-stemmed Chinese pipe which they themselves are smoking. At wedding ceremonies, brides would offer cigarettes to all guests who came to eXpress their congratulations and light the cigarettes for.each of them one after another.,
Not to offer cigarettes does not mean one is inhospitable. world of warcraft power leveling The cigarette packet is on the table. If you cannot check your craving for one at the risk of your health, you may. But you will have to bear the consequences
7. Smoking Is a Bad Habit

Smoking is a bad habit. Firstly, it ruins people's health. Health experts have warned us for years that smoking can lead to heart disease, lung cancer and various respiratory ailments. The World Health Organization says diseases linked to smoking kill at least 2, 500, 000 people each year. Research conducted in many countries also indicates that pregnant women who smoke run the risk of having deformed babies.,
Thirdly, 2moons dil smoking has a bad impact on the psyche of the smokers. After realizing the bad effects of smoking, many people try to give up smoking.
Should Smoking Be Prohibited?

Inviato da: qingjan il Martedý, 19-Ott-2010, 04:18
Winter brides who wed in cold climates face a serious dilemma: Will your wedding gown leave you shivering? You don't have to sacrifice style just because the weather is frigid. Here are five features to look for in a gown that's perfectly appropriate for winter.
If the idea of finding a stole that matches your look seems daunting,wedding dresses choose a gown that doesn't need one. Sleeved gowns are back in a big way (click here to see for yourself) and are simply perfect for winter brides who want a little extra protection from the elements. Sophisticated cap sleeves will keep you from feeling overexposed, while three-quarter sleeves, or even something full-length, will surely have you covered.
Heavy Fabrics
The best part of winter wedding fashion is that you can indulge in luxurious silk satins without getting too hot or feeling weighed down by the fabric. If you're considering a ball gown,wedding gowns winter weddings are definitely the ideal time for full skirts. If you love the look of lace, opt for a heavier variety like Battenberg lace, which will keep you warmer than a more delicate type like Chantilly lace.
For a gown that truly stands out against the snow,prom dresses choose a style that has plenty of embellishments. An ornately decorated bodice is flattering and fun, while allover shine (like a sparkly tulle ball gown) is fairy tale-worthy. And don't feel limited to crystals -- pearls, sequins, and the fabric itself can also add some amazing sparkle.
Don't feel forced into wearing a coverall just because the weather is dresses You can wear shoulder-baring strapless gowns or slinky sheaths because you'll still keep cozy with some seasonal accessories. Bundle up in a faux fur stole or a comfy cashmere wrap for a look that both exudes a charming winter style and keeps you warm.Color
Whether the shade is a bold departure from traditional white (we love icy-blue gowns) or a more subtle, understated hue (like blush pink), a colorful gown will add drama to your wedding day look. To avoid going overboard, opt for delicate (and crystal clear) accessories: Diamond studs or a simple solitaire necklace are an elegant way to complete your look.

Inviato da: chidufjd il Sabato, 08-Gen-2011, 02:08 are indispensable collections which can add your charm and enhance your taste. How to choose a suitable one is essential to everyone. You may just have a look at our store as brings you natural romantic feelings in this winter. And white can match with all the clothing you are wearing.

Inviato da: basbo11 il Venerdý, 22-Apr-2011, 10:27
Have you asked the Devs ?
The World of Warcraft team has posted a pair of Ask the Devs features on the official power leveling In Ask the Devs #4, players were able to submit questions about the game's Armor and power leveling In the next Ask the Devs,world of warcraft power leveling the topic will be Achievements. Get those questions turned in!
Q: Is there any chance we could have caster weapons involved in casting animations? It would look cool to be holding a staff and casting a spell through it,world of warcraft power leveling at least as a customization option. - Dromanthis (NA/ANZ)
A: This is something we would dearly love to do. We agree that melee specs get to see their weapons a lot more often in combat while it's easy for casters to forget about them. It's definitely on the list,cheap wow gold but understand that we have so many races now (and two sexes for all existing races) that the animations take more time to do right/well.,,,,,,

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